Are you ready to Help The Filipino and Fil-American Communities?

Medical Missions

Humanitarian & Disaster Relief

Saleaflor Foundation is a non-profit entity founded in 2016. 

The Saleaflor Foundation was started by the principals of RN Express Staffing Registry, Inc., and Manhattan Employment Services, Inc. as a vehicle for their charitable giving to the communities of their youth and the communities they now serve as healthcare professionals.

Our Mission

To create and support programs that directly improve the well-being of the less-fortunate Filipinos and Filipino-American communities.

Our Vision

To be a catalyst in providing medical services, relief goods and other daily essentials for those who need it most.


Medical Missions

Check-Up​, Medication, Medical Surgery (Depends on geographic location- if the area is accessible to a hospital), Food Supplies, Dental (If there will be Dentists present in the dated medical mission), Volunteers



School Supplies


Humanitarian &
Disaster Relief

Food, Clothing, Bedding, Medical Supplies, Provides emergency assistance in distributing donated goods (food, clothing, and household items)

Our Model

Saleaflor Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to help the Filipino and Filipino-American communities. In order to make this possible, the foundation raises in kind donations through the website, and charitable events.

  • Online Donations + Fund Raising Events

    In Kind

  • Medical Missions
  • Education
  • Humanitarian & Disaster Relief

Get Involved. Volunteer.

By volunteering, you’ll be able to help us give back to society.

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